52 Luxury Living Rooms We Wouldn’t Mind Living In


Luxurious rooms are every person’s desires, be it rich or poor. Standards and luxurious outlooks have a deep nexus when it comes to showcasing your culture or integrity with the modern world. Well, it is very common for a affluent person to showcase his monetary strength by a luxurious display of his wealth in the form of interior furnishings, but it is quite unnatural and tough for a middle-class man to follow suit. Slip into your plush slippers and robe after a long day, and experience the finest luxury these rooms have to offer. These guest rooms & suites offer an inspiring environment and the spacious windows let the sunlight in and provide breathtaking views of the outer world. Each room of this series is individual, offering its own unique welcoming atmosphere to make you feel welcomed. They feature tasteful alpine furnishings, elegant décor, and a lavish display of class, culture and integrity. Enjoy unique and spell-binding views of your surrounding world, all by sitting in your gilded monument.

01The enchanting chandeliers portray a life of unique taste and a show of pride in every sense. The royalty depicted in the furnishings and decoratives makes one feel the charm of being a king of a major territory.

1The elegant interior beauty and design of this room makes it worth a living as it would completely transform your sedentary tastes into lavish ones. People craving for scenic beauty would get it at their leisure here along with all these royalties.


These ecstatic furnishings, elegant and royal display of class with a breathtaking view of solidarity in all forms make it an ideal room to reside in for one day or maybe forever!

3A well furnished ceiling, sofa and interiors suits the tastes of every person with a thriving personality and will power. Meetings held here would transform into covalent bonds due to the aura of the explicit class that this room beholds.


Purplish touch to a jubilant display of innovations in home furnishing. Makes it an obvious choice for a person of any caste, creed or culture to spend time in this heavenly abode and relax in the lap of royalty and luxury.5

A movie studio it seems? No,guessed wrong! This is the glimpse of the your very own living room that can make all your days here charming, luxurious and cosy.


Such charming surroundings and the gorgeous outlook of this living room will make you a dire fan of it. Mind you, these rooms are antique in their approach as they are found about one in a million!


Simplicity redefines your personality and white boldens your simplicity. A sturdy white room marks a peaceful atmosphere and signifies a charming, calm, beautiful and luxurious approach towards home making innovations.




One cool thing about this living room is that the chandelier looks both casual and elegant. It matches the pillows in the fabulous living room sofas too. The earth toned living room showcase drama and poise.shutterstock_107189087

A small living room with modern which exemplifies glam with its furniture statement! Minimal and fabulous! They said that luxury is a means of ministering to such indulgence or enjoyment; or a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself. This being said, if we have the means, we sometimes go out of the budget or out of the usual spending that we want – that’s luxury.


Intimate seating area with all the fancy furniture and decors that suit the calming aura this apartment living room have. The crisp white couches are pure glamour!shutterstock_113997247

This elegant living room is full of subdued color and carefully placed reflective surfaces; check out the clever relationship between the wooden roof, pendant, floor vases and sconces. Mid-sized elegant living room photo with brown walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace


Antique subtility and infinite furnishing innovation makes this room a top notch choice for one’s living room. Relax in the extremely comfortable couches and gain enormous comfort and luxury for a lifetime!


Interior designer used a subtle palette of grey and peach in her scheme for this  apartment, which combines luxurious materials with a light modern look. ‘They wanted a light feel – homely yet luxurious. shutterstock_118133356

Another demonstration of a beautiful, elegant yet warm and cozy room. Absolutely love the color scheme, window treatments and fireplace. The designers  are simply  so talented!


For the ultimate in comfort and accommodation, discover these examples of luxury homes. Using contrasting fabrics adds a sense of fun. We believe that luxury comes in all sizes, and is expressed best in a home that combines great function with dazzling form ― no matter how big or small.shutterstock_124015153

The layered and classic living room. There is no fixed law that says artworks have to be hung neatly or uniformly. Layering pieces on top of each other, as in this shelf display, creates a casual, accessible atmosphere that will stand out in your living room. shutterstock_130457429

Extremely enchanting with the equisite room innovation that has added a spark to the outlook of this heavenly abode. The T.V. set bridges the gap between the medieval and the current generation. One can get the feel of high techs while getting the feel of sitting in the lap of nature!


The combination of the soft ottomans, leather couches and luxurious rug here bring a sense of comfort to this elegant scheme. A perfect example of a large trendy living room design in with a wall-mounted tv along with state of the art surround sound systems. shutterstock_133050449

Using the floor for a bold color statement is particularly effective in a “destination” room where you’ve arrived to enjoy artwork and fine furniture with friends and family.shutterstock_133705175

Intricate chandelier design intended for this white painted home. This living room is super cozy anyone could actually sleep in here. The furniture is so classy and comfortable!shutterstock_133777268

Earthy tones and natural colours are used to create a cosy atmosphere in this white modern ‘box’ flat. Decorative ceiling treatments are just an add on to this attractive room.



Play around with proportions – In a small space, you need pieces that work extra hard. But when you have infinite space at your leisure, you tend to make limited use of it unlike this room. Every ounce of the space in this room has been filled up by earthly decorative and innovative stuffs that add both, spark and beauty to this abode.   shutterstock_142025296

A second sofa gives friends and family a spot for gathering and lounging in front of the huge windows to get an awesome view of the external surroundings. The crystal adds glamour and depicts a belief in prophecies that will bring charm and luck to the family!


We continued the tradition of making you understand understated elegance, ramping up the luxury in the more adult rooms while focusing on colorful playfulness in the more kidcentric rooms. shutterstock_149980946

With a plethora of beautiful textiles – sofa, curtains and floor rug, the space is perfectly layered with cushions, lighting and coffee table accessories.This shot draws attention not only to the living room but also to the dining room and the hallway. shutterstock_151612151

Living room. The living room can be a hangout zone, library, cinema and playroom, and even an impromptu dinner spot. Here luxury is also about the confidence to use your space in a unique, fun way.  shutterstock_153941705

A techquipped Noah’s Ark, to be frank! This room has all the worldly pleasures ranging from crazy natural surroundings and state of the art techies that make your domestic life so easier to manage. shutterstock_153969689

Like leather for its durability Both luxurious and practical, genuine leather sofas tend to complement any interior décor. If combined with quality construction, they offer years of comfort and style.


This bright and airy living room extension was added to the original living area to open up the space, with a skylight and sliding glass. Inspiration for a timeless enclosed living room remodel. shutterstock_160071077

Pastel light pinks can be girly in all the right ways! Mixed with pantones and harsh naturals this unique color is a great compliment to any design. Picking them out in a contrasting colour keeps the look fresh.


The crisp, sharp tones of the sea and the sun, with the romance of geometric shapes- it feels like a real sanctuary and we are the elements of a huge aquarium bowl!   shutterstock_165808142

Example of an eclectic guest room design with white walls and floors. Rounded edges, linen texture, soften this headboard. Nice combination with the wallcovering. shutterstock_167794223

Inspiration for a contemporary family room remodel with black walls, medium tone hardwood floors, and an entertainment system to keep you entertained 24*7! shutterstock_181581602

Add stripes through accessories – Sometimes the smallest additions to your living room can make the biggest impact, as this one did. Play, talk, gossip and entertain yourself with your near and dear ones while enjoying the overwhelming view of the natural surroundings, that has left, atleast me, spellbound! shutterstock_222732919

Even large items, such as these matching armchairs, will then blend into the room, visually enlarging the space. For even more continuity, the delicate fabric of the ottoman mimics the two pillows, bringing balance to the compact living area.

shutterstock_222966538Here’s a positive way of looking at not having a separate home office: When your office occupies part of another space, it inspires you to keep it neat. Move living outside – Reimagine the patio as an outdoor living room. Turn the deck into the dining room for the evening. Instead of watching TV in the evening, play charades while cherishing the sea view!shutterstock_225498229

More like a movie theatre shoot, isn’t it? This formal living room‘s neutral color palette is accented by luxe metal finishes and rich texturesshutterstock_228863956This is a great example of luxury furniture and finishes combined. An open-sided, rather than walled-in, staircase keeps a small room feeling more spacious and allows light into the upper level.shutterstock_235788817Open up those windows and let the light shine through: it will improve your makeup, your color choices and your spirit. Eclectic master living room beige walls that will truly increase the happiness and comfort of your stay here manifold. shutterstock_258235559

How everything else works with that can be a good starting point — color, balance, size and shape all come into play, as does how the room will be used every day.


Take a rustic approach – This living space demonstrates the brownish and wood combination in its rawest form. The T.V. gets lower importance as compared to the outer surroundings which are totally breathtaking!



Dazzle with a traditional chandelier – Has anyone noticed that the opulent chandelier is back in fashion? This gorgeous chandelier adds fun geometry and glitz to this room. As we’ve seen, sparkle is showing up everywhere inside the home, but dangling crystal chandeliers are the height of this look. They’ll sparkle during the day when the sun hits them, and at night, they’ll cast intricate shadows on the walls.


Stick to pure white or pastel shades for a serene night’s sleep and ensure all pillow and mattress protectors (musts for guest rooms) are squeaky clean, too. Yeah, all of this is applicable if you choose to be cosy on the couch itself! shutterstock_360591503The bunting in this lounge/dining room shows how you can really use anything to make your bunting. Trendy dining cum living room with light hardwood floors with white couches are a really charming combo!


The most appropriate business meeting place if you want rich outcomes from your investments. Projector system minimises the need of a television in the room, thus increasing the surface area that can be utilised in this heavenly abode. shutterstock_388825309

A cavernous room can be difficult to decorate, but dividing it into two separate sitting areas creates intimacy and makes conversation easier. Tight space with big furniture that looks comfortable and stylish instead of over crowded. shutterstock_389851237

The loft’s light-filled living room is one of the best in the city. Because of the tall windows, the room is has plenty of light — even on cloudy days, making it a top choice for residing in. shutterstock_395640331

It’s one of those timeless luxuries that make everyday life seem deliciously indulgent. Inspiration for a large contemporary open concept living room remodel in Sydney with attracting walls and state of the art designs. shutterstock_417090631

The coffee table, which was made by a skilled woodworker from a rare single piece of elm, almost mirrors the shape of the sofa. Its design, consistent with the theme of nature, complements the flat’s earthy palette.


Using contrasting fabrics adds a sense of fun. Royalty dipped in gold camouflages every ounce of economic drawback you have. Accommodations capture the essence of the city, bridging the gap between the desires for exploration and relaxation with thoughtful amenities that indulge your penchant for the finer things.

Everyone has a place where they go to escape all the pressures and worries of  life . But for some, these living rooms are probably the best spots to hangout and shove off their anxieties. Since the living room is basically where the talks and chats with friend and visitors are conducted, it is common sense to really make look as accommodating as possible without sacrificing style and elegance.

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