47 Coastal Living Room Ideas for a Beachy Home

Do you love the peaceful feeling of sitting by the ocean? Bring that serene vibe into your home with a coastal living room design. With tips on using colors like soft blues and greens, and choosing the right decor, you can create a space that’s both refreshing and relaxing. Let’s get ready to transform your living area into a charming coastal haven where the beach is always within reach.

1. Add Nautical Decor

Start by infusing your coastal living room with nautical accents to evoke the ocean’s ambiance. Consider adding model sailboats, maritime clocks, or compasses around the room. These pieces not only serve as eye-catching focal points but also imbue a sense of nautical adventure.

2. Show Seashells

Display collections of seashells in various containers like glass jars or decorative bowls on your coffee table or shelves. This simple addition brings a tactile piece of the beach into your home, creating a natural, collected feel.

3. Mix Soft Blues and Greens

Incorporate a palette of soft blues and greens to mirror the colors of the sea and sky. Throw pillows, rugs, and wall art in these hues can transform the space, making it serene and inviting.

4. Use Natural Light

Maximize the use of natural light by keeping your windows unobstructed. Sheer, light-colored curtains can allow sunlight to penetrate the space while still providing privacy, enhancing the airy feel of a coastal living room.

5. Pick Worn Wood Furniture

Opt for furniture pieces with a weathered wood look to evoke the rustic charm of driftwood. Items like a coffee table or side chairs in distressed wood add character and authenticity to your coastal theme.

6. Mix Textures

Introduce a variety of textures to your living room to replicate the diverse tactile experience of the beach. Combinations of smooth (like glass) and rough (like sisal) can enrich the room’s layers, adding depth and interest.

7. Pair Sandy Neutrals and Ocean Blues

Blend sandy neutrals with shades of ocean blue for your larger furnishings like sofas and armchairs. This color scheme will reinforce the beach theme and serve as a calming backdrop for your daily life.

8. Make Beach Art

Create or invest in beach-themed art pieces. Think paintings or prints that depict ocean scenes, sailboats, or even abstracts in coastal color schemes to reinforce your living room’s seaside narrative.

9. Hang Large Ocean Painting

Consider anchoring your living space with a large piece of ocean artwork. A striking, large painting of the sea or coastline can serve as a stunning centerpiece that draws all elements of your coastal decor together.

10. Use Soft Furnishings

Incorporate soft furnishings like plush throw pillows, lightweight blankets, and thick rugs. Choose materials that remind you of beach homes, such as linen or soft woven fabrics, to enhance the comfort and relaxed feel of your coastal living room.

11. Use Airy Curtains

Opt for airy, light fabrics for your curtains to add to the breezy, coastal ambiance. Light hues such as soft whites or pastels will maintain a light and fresh atmosphere, reminiscent of sea foam and beach skies.

12. Decorate with Beach Finds

Adorn your space with treasures found at the beach such as driftwood, stones, or even sand in small decorative jars. These elements bring an authentic touch of the seaside directly into your home, enriching the coastal charm.

13. Use Beach Colors

Embrace a palette inspired by the beach. Incorporate beach colors beyond the typical blues and greens, such as beige, soft yellow, and pale coral, for a broader yet harmonized spectrum that mirrors the seaside.

14. Frame Coastal Maps

Hang framed maps of coastal areas or islands, beautifully illustrating the geography that inspires your home’s decor. These maps not only serve as art but also spark conversations about beloved seaside destinations.

15. Drape Beachy Blankets

Have a couple of beach-styled blankets draped over your sofa or reading chair. Choose designs with stripes or in colors that complement the coastal color palette, adding function and flair to your room setup.

16. Use Rope and Driftwood

Incorporate items like thick ropes or pieces of driftwood as decor accents. Use rope for curtain tie-backs or as decorative elements on shelves, and use driftwood as a base for table centerpieces or alone as a rustic accent.

17. Add Soft Stripes

Soft, subtle stripes can add a visual texture without overwhelming the space. Think striped cushions, throws, or even wallpaper in muted shades to subtly underline the coastal theme without being too bold.

18. Hang a Hammock

If space allows, hang a hammock in one corner of your coastal living room. It invites relaxation and adds a unique, leisurely component to the room, enhancing the laid-back feel of coastal living.

19. Tile with Sea Glass

Consider using sea glass tiles for small areas like a fireplace surround or a decorative accent wall. These tiles offer a beautiful, reflective quality that mimics the sunlit sea, adding a touch of luxury and intrigue.

20. Fill Vases with Shells

Use large clear vases filled with different types of shells or even colored sand layering as a centerpiece on tables or as accents in bookshelves. This provides a visual representation of beach combing adventures and keeps the sea close by.

21. Hang Shell Chimes

Install a shell chime near a window where breezes can catch it, producing soft, soothing sounds reminiscent of windy days by the ocean, enhancing the sensory experience of your coastal decor.

22. Use Soft Lanterns

Incorporate soft lanterns around the room to create a gentle, glowing ambiance during the evenings. Opt for lanterns in coastal colors or made from natural materials like wood or woven fibers to enhance the room’s cozy, seaside feel.

23. Use Sea Prints

Decorate your walls with prints that feature marine life or seaside themes. These can include anything from detailed illustrations of sea creatures to abstract representations of waves, adding a dynamic and artistic touch to your coastal living room.

24. Add Coral Touches

Introduce small elements of coral, either as real decorative pieces or patterns on cushions and blankets. Coral adds a delicate, natural texture and a pop of color that is commonly associated with oceanic surroundings.

25. Install Beadboard

Installing beadboard on your walls can give your living space a quintessential coastal look. Paint it in soft white or pale blues to keep the room feeling light and airy, embodying the simple elegance of seaside architecture.

26. Use Jute Rugs

Lay down jute rugs to add a rugged yet inviting element to your flooring. Their natural texture and neutral tones give a grounding earthiness that complements the coastal palette, bonding the seaside essence with your home interior.

27. Add Coral Pops

Accentuate your coastal living room with pops of coral color in decorative items like vases, pillows, or artwork. These vibrant accents can energize the room while maintaining a connection with the overarching beach-inspired theme.

28. Layer Rugs

Create a cozy, layered look by placing multiple rugs with different textures and patterns over each other. This technique not only adds depth but also simulates the varied textures one might find on a beach, from smooth sands to woven reeds.

29. Add Indoor Plants

Include indoor plants to bring an element of nature indoors. Choose species that can thrive in coastal conditions, such as palms or ferns, to emphasize the tropical aspect of a beach environment within your living room.

30. Include Tropical Items

Feature tropical motifs or items like coconuts, pineapples, or brightly colored tropical flowers. These elements infuse a lively, exotic feel that complements the mellow, relaxing tone of a coastal theme.

31. Mount Oars

Mount wooden oars on the wall as a striking decorative feature. They can be used as a unique piece of wall art or turned into practical items like coat racks, enhancing the nautical vibe of the room.

32. Use Wicker Baskets

Utilize wicker baskets for storage to maintain an uncluttered space while adding a touch of rustic charm. These baskets are not only practical but also align well with the natural, laid-back aesthetic of coastal living.

33. Paint Walls Pastel

Soft pastel tones on your walls can instantly uplift and brighten your coastal living room, reflecting the relaxed and cheerful vibe of the beach. Opt for shades like soft mint, pale peach, or sky blue to keep the atmosphere light and soothing.

34. Arrange Starfish

Include decorative starfish in your coastal decor. Arrange them on side tables, windowsills, or even as part of a wall collage. Their unique shape and texture add an authentic maritime touch to your living space.

35. Use Wood Table

Incorporate a sturdy wood table that resembles driftwood or reclaimed wood. This not only serves as a functional piece but also enhances the rustic coastal feel. Its natural imperfections add character and warmth to the room.

36. Have Plush Seats

Equip your living space with plush seating options like oversized armchairs or a soft, enveloping couch. Such furnishings invite relaxation and leisure, making your coastal living room a perfect spot for unwinding.

37. Refresh with Pillows

Swap out or add new pillows in beach-themed patterns or coastal colors. Pillows are an easy and affordable way to freshen up your decor without a complete overhaul. They can also add comfort to your seating areas.

38. Choose Linen Covers

Use linen covers for your sofas and chairs. Linen is not only lightweight and breathable but also exudes a casual elegance that is perfect for a beachy look, enhancing the comfy yet chic appeal of your coastal living room.

39. Set Water Feature

Consider setting up a small indoor water feature. The sound of trickling water can mimic the calming noise of a gentle tide, further enhancing the serene ambiance of your coastal-themed living space.

40. Hang Indoor Swing

If space permits, hang an indoor swing. This element can add a fun and whimsical touch, not to mention it’s a cozy place to sit and relax or read a book, echoing the freedom and joy of seaside leisure.

41. Show Vintage Photos

Display vintage photos of coastal scenes or old family beach vacations in rustic frames. These photographs add a nostalgic element, personalizing your space and connecting it to past seaside memories.

42. Stack Beach Books

Create a small reading nook or stack coffee table books that focus on oceanography, marine life, or coastal photography. Not only do these serve as interesting reads but they also double as decorative items that underscore your coastal theme.

43. Hang Signal Flags

Decorate with nautical signal flags as a homage to maritime traditions. These can be used as a colorful banner across a wall or framed as individual pieces, adding a vibrant and historic aspect to your coastal living room decor.

44. Keep Theme Unified

Ensure all elements work harmoniously together to maintain a cohesive look. Stick to a consistent color palette and theme-centric decorations to achieve a unified and inviting coastal living room.

45. Add Modern Art

Introduce modern art pieces that can complement the traditional coastal elements. This blend of modern and coastal styles can add an interesting dynamic to the space, making it contemporary yet classic.

46. Use Unique Items

Incorporate unique finds from local beachcombing or flea markets. Items with a story or peculiar charm can add a personal touch, making your coastal living room feel intimate and exclusively yours.

47. Mix Various Textures

Engage various textures in your decor to add depth and interest. Mix soft fabrics with rougher materials like rattan or burlap. This texture play can enliven your coastal living room, making it visually richer and more inviting.


Creating a coastal living room is not just about adding beach-themed elements; it’s about weaving a serene, inviting atmosphere that makes every moment at home feel like a vacation. By integrating these design ideas, you can transform your space into a soothing seaside retreat, where relaxation and style go hand in hand. Embrace the coastal charm and let your home tell a story of tranquil beaches and soft, whispering waves.

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